jueves, 11 de marzo de 2010

Hello my tiny green friend!

"One day I was walking down the street"

"Then I heard a sound"

"The sounds came from a small and strange estructure in the middle of the street"

"I removed all the leaves and I found a surprise"

"Hey! Who are you??"

"Hello, my name it's Bally and I'm tiny!"

"And why are you here?"

"I lived with an horrible person. He had me in a glass..."

"...and he fed me only twice a week!"

"When I was doing anything he didn't like, he locked me in a small cage."

"I thought how to scape..."

"...I decided to scape using a ramp..."

"...then I scaped..."

"...but when he saw me, he decided to leave me."

"Don't worry Bally, you will come with me"

"This is you're new house, my tiny green friend!"

"You'll have a bed where sleep"

"And all the food you want!"

11 comentarios:

  1. Hello there Bally!
    You are one lucky turtle! I like your new house. Pretty cool place for a turtle.

    Thanks for visiting my blog.


  2. hhhhhey victoooor vaya currada que has hechoo!!
    me encanta la historiaa
    bbueno besosss teqqqqq

  3. what a lovely turttle!! take care of it ;)

  4. A very cute turtle, and cute story :) It has a lovely home now.

  5. oh so cute little turtle. I lost my turtle when I was a kid. He just disappeared...

  6. ohh baby nice pics and nice story!!
    Love you so much :)

  7. Waaaaaaah I love your turtle! <3333

  8. awww, what a cutipie turtle you got : )
    take good care of it :D

    sv; aw, thanks! I like your blog too!
    lovely story :)
    I LOVE McFLY!!!! I think my favourite must be Transylvania, as yours, it's a great song!
    do you have twitter? ^^

    Siv, from Norway :)

  9. Our uncle had over 200 turtles when he was growing up. (Before we were born.) Most of them were box turtles that he'd find near lakes, ponds, and streams. He had to learn everything to raise his turtle well. (And, he even grew up without the Internet! Wow!)

    We're glad you found Bally. Looks like he found a good home and a good parent. Please make sure you learn how to take care of him. We know he needs water to play in, dry land, and the right kind of food, but since he's not a box turtle. We don't know exactly what he needs.

    And, of course toys and animals talk. You mean some still don't know this? Humph! Kehehehehehe

  10. Bally lives in a little lake in my garden, under the sun and with litle beaches and rocks where sunbathing. He eats vegetables, and he had two diferent types of aliments for turtles (they are in the photo when he is in the supermarket shopping the special food).