miércoles, 28 de abril de 2010

A day outside

"I'll need this..."

"...and these..."

"...I'll need this too..."

"...and finally this."

"Something more?"

"Oh, I'll forget something to drink"

"Now, I'm ready"

"Good afternoon, Victor. Can I go outside for an hour please?"

- Yes Bally, here's a map for you. Be careful and don't talk to strange people.
Bye, bye!


sábado, 17 de abril de 2010

Water and fire

Today has been a cloudy day. Maybe it was an advice.
Today has been a sad day. The rain has wet the soil and the cold has invaded every corner.
At twelve o'clock my blue fish has died and everyone; people, animals and toys have cried for him.
Many hours later, we've make a private funeral, where the body, perched at the top of a funeral pyre, was waiting that the fire devour his body:

The ashes of his body have flown far, far away,
maybe they have reached to the world's most beautiful site.

Reast In Peace

lunes, 5 de abril de 2010

Easter story 2

Tap, Tap, Tap

"Hello, how can I help you?"

"Hi Bally, there's a package for you, it's from a guy called Victor"

"Ooh!! It's a giant Easter egg!"

"We'll leave the egg here"


"Inside the Easter egg there were little chocolate eggs, mmm!!
Bally has now an important reserve of chocolate for all the year"