Meet Bally

Bally is a yellow-eared turtle 
He eats vegetables, and he had two diferent types of aliments for turtles (they both appear in the photo when he's in the supermarket shopping the special food).

Scienticic name: trachemys scripta scripta.

His home: He lives in a little lake in my garden, under the sun. It has many fountains, some plants and a lot of rocks and beaches where sunbathing (you can see a part of his home in "Swimming" story). He share the lake with many fishes, and sometimes, some frogs . I built his home for him, in July's 2009, and now it's become in a small paradise where live in summer. In winter, he lives in a terrarium in my house because the low temperatures make him hibernate (and he is too small to survive 5 months no eating).