lunes, 29 de marzo de 2010

Easter story 1

"Bally has been reading a book about Easter"

"He wants to celebrate Easter and enjoy the festivity"

"He has painted Easter eggs for all his friends"

"When he has finished, he's sended the eggs"

"This is to Victor"

"These are for those beautiful fishes I saw in the aquarium"

"This is for Alex, the keys' keeper"

"These for Rebecca and Berta, the supermarket workers"

"And this is to my friend Buttons from Illinois"

7 comentarios:

  1. Can I please have one too? :)
    Cute & great as always!
    Have a happy easter! <3

  2. How very kind of him to send all the lovely Easter Eggs to all his friends! I am sure they will enjoy them!

  3. awww :')
    Have a real happy Easter both of you, and enjoy it muuuuuch :D

    (p.s. I've got this translate button from google on the right of my blog now, if you wanna try understand it:P)


  4. Aw, no, it's fine. Just make more cute posts! :)

  5. I keep wanting to comment how much I love your blog. If I've already done so, then just double it! :)

  6. Happy Easter!

    Yet another wonderful post! :D