domingo, 9 de enero de 2011

Winter story 1 (part 2)

Once at home....

"- Hi! What about the expedition?"

"- We've found this under the snow. We are going to investigate it in the laboratory."

"- And unfortunately, Alex had an accident with an igloo. The rescue team is goint to the hostpital with him. You can go with them."

"- Hello, we want a revision for this kid, please. His name is Alex.
-Ok, come in and wait for a doctor."

"- Alex? Can you come with me please? I will come back for the results."

"Now, we wait."

"- The escorts of Alex?"

"- Alex has an important cold. We've decided to hospitalize him for a few days. You can visit him now in the room 234."

"- 10€ for these flowers"

"- Hi Bally! Thanks for your visit. I'm fine. I just have temperature."

"- Continue resting, Alex. I want you get well soon. Now we're going to the laboratory."

"- Bye!!"

"At the laboratory, Pablo and Roberto have put the ice in warm water.
It will take few days to defrost the ice, so we must wait more time to know what the ice hides"

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